Take more chances. Dance more dances. - Anon

Take more chances and dance more dances at Swing City this week. I will teach an entertaining International Style Tango in the workshop at 8pm. Our last Ballroom, Latin and Swing dance of August follows the workshop.

New Classes for September are listed on the Lessons Page. Please note some new start dates for some classes. Encourage your family and friends to sign up early.

Happy Birthday to 31 dancers who celebrate birthdays in August - you get a free ticket to Swing City in August. Click on the 'update your preferences' link at the bottom of the newsletter to add your birthday info (month & day only) and you will get a free ticket to swing city in your birthday month. Happy Birthday to: Larry V, Barbara D, Jean M, Marilyn T, Naomi L, Joyce W, Rosalinde C, Michael K, Rick T, Deb W, Ken M, Frances M, Liz F, Emilee M, Jay H, Rosemary T, Maddy S, Patricia F, Sandy M, Richard W, Paula B, Larry K, Sheila H, Philip R, Julia B, Ron P, Elizah R, Ginette R, Tom W, Connie M and Adam G.

The Flash Mob was danced at the French Open West Coast Swing Championships with a few interesting variations in the second half - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHnY8uA2v8A&feature=youtu.be

Only one summer dance camp left on the island: Early Bird ticket price only available until July 31st!! The Dance Fest schedule for August 18th & 19th is at http://ballroomnanaimo.ca/events/dance-fest/ and tickets are available from John.

Dances for the next week

Monday, July 31 -----------

Event: VBDS Dancing in the Square 7-9:30pm
Place: Centennial Square
Dance Floor: Concrete
Admission: FREE

Tuesday, August 1 -----------

Event: West Coast Swing Collective: 7:45 to 9:45pm
Place: Eastern Star Hall; 3281 Harriet Road
Dance Floor: Medium/Hardwood
Admission: $4

Event: Dancing on Stage at Butchart's: 8-9:30pm
Featuring: The Chris Millington Band
Place: Butchart's Gardens open air stage
Dance Floor: Sealant over wood
Admission: Best to get a season's pass

Event: Music in the Park, 6-8pm
Featuring: Analog (Vintage Rock & Roll/Pop)
Place: Hyacinth Park, 700 Marigold
Dance Floor: Wood
Admission: FREE

Event: Folk Music Evening Series: 6-8pm
Featuring: "Moonfruits" and "Les Soeurs Boulay"
Place: Beacon Hill Bandshell
Dance Floor: Grass
Admission: FREE http://www.victoria.ca/EN/main/residents/culture/cityvibe.html

Wednesday, August 2 -----------

Event: Seniors (55+) Line Dance 1-2 pm, Social dance 2-3 pm
Place: Gordon Head Rec Center, 4100 Lambrick Way.
Dance Floor: Medium, Hardwood.
Admission: FREE

Friday, August 4 ----------

Event: Swing City Ballroom Dance: 8-11pm
Our only Ballroom Dance for August
Workshop: Cha Cha with John at 8pm
Place: Victoria Edelweiss Club, 108 Niagara
Dance Floor: Large/Hardwood
Admission: $10

Event: Argentine Tango 8pm-1am
Place: Café Casablanca, 2524 Bridge Street
Dance Floor: Small/Medium, wood
Admission: $10 workshop & dance plus $2 consumption charge

Saturday, August 5 ----------

Event: Red Hot Swing, 8:30pm - 12:30am
Place: Bert Richman building, 4105 Lambrick Way
Dance Floor: Medium, Hardwood.
Admission: $10/$13

Event: Latin Dance, 8:30pm-1am
Place: Café Casablanca 2524 Bridge Street
Dance Floor: Medium/Small, Hardwood.
Admission: $10 plus $2 consumption charge


Advance Tickets:

1) Summer Dance Fest - Ballroom Dance Camp - August 18th and 19th at the Lighthouse Community Centre in Qualicum Bay. Amazing early-bird price of $50pp for 6 workshops from a variety of instructors and 2 dances - all on a 5000 square foot sprung hardwood dance floor. Only $15 for the amazing Saturday night BBQ: http://ballroomnanaimo.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/2017-Nelson-BBQ-Menu.pdf. Early bird tickets are available until July 31st from John at dancevictoria@telus.net. This is the 6th year for this fantastic event - great value, great venue, great workshops and great fun. Info on the event is at: http://ballroomnanaimo.ca/events/dance-fest/

2) Victoria Chinese Ladies Club Autumn Dance: This amazing annual fundraising dance will be held on Saturday, September 30th from 8 to 11:30pm at Commonwealth Place. Light meal, refreshments, great door prizes, dance demos and live music with MC2. Tickets are $25/person from John at dancevictoria@telus.net

3) Oktoberfest 2017 at the Victoria Edelweiss Club. Friday, October 27 and Saturday, October 28 with music provided by S-Bahn. Members $25. Guests $35. Authentic German cuisine available to purchase. Doors open at 7pm, Adults Only, Tickets Non Refundable. Email victoria.edelweiss.club@shaw.ca or call 250 383-4823 and leave a message. Tickets will sell quickly and will not be available at the door.



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