Some dance to remember… some dance to forget…- the Eagles

The next Swing City is on June 16th. No dance on June 9th.

The Oak Bay Tea Party marks the start of the outdoor dance season. Check it out this weekend.

Classes for May and June are listed on the Lessons Page.

NEW: West Coast Swing Flashmob 2017 will be taught Wednesdays and Sundays. The first class was a lot of fun on Wednesday.

Summer Dance Camps on the Island are listed below


Dances for the next week

Tuesday, June 6 -----------

Event: West Coast Swing Collective: 7:45 to 9:45pm
Place: Eastern Star Hall; 3281 Harriet Road
Dance Floor: Medium/Hardwood
Admission: $4

Wednesday, June 7 -----------

Event: Seniors (55+) Line Dance 1-2 pm,  Social dance 2-3 pm
Place: Gordon Head Rec Center, 4100 Lambrick Way.
Dance Floor: Medium, Hardwood.
Admission: FREE

Friday, June 9 ----------

Event: Swing City Cancelled this week

Event: Argentine Tango (8pm-1am) 
Place: Café Casablanca, 2524 Bridge Street
Dance Floor: Small/Medium, wood
Admission: $10 workshop & dance plus $2 consumption charge

Saturday, June 10 ----------

Event: Liz & Ron Social Ballroom Dance 8-11pm
Place: Commonwealth Place
Dance Floor: Large/Hardwood
Admission: $10/$13

Event: Red Hot Swing, 8:30pm - 12:30am
Place: Bert Richman building, 4105 Lambrick Way
Dance Floor: Medium, Hardwood.
Admission: $10/$13

Event: Latin Dance, (8:30pm-1am)
Place: Café Casablanca 2524 Bridge Street
Dance Floor: Medium/Small, Hardwood.
Admission: $10 plus $2 consumption charge

Sunday, June 11 ---------

Event: PMP dance with Virtual Elvis (Scott McDonald): 7–10pm
Place: Monterey Centre, 1442 Monterey Ave
Dance Floor: Large, Linoleum.
Admission: $10


Advance Tickets:

1) NBDS 'Swing's the Thing' Dance Camp: June 16 - 18 at Nanoose Place Community Centre, 2925 Northwest Bay Road, Nanoose BC. Featuring Pamela Podmoroff, and Kevin & Christabel Savage teaching west coast swing, lindy hop, shag, and more. Weekend Pass is $150 and includes: 2 dances, workshops, breakfast, lunch & dinner Saturday, camping on site and more. To register - make cheques payable to: Dance Camp, 900 Colleen Road, Gabriola Island, BC, V0R 1X3. To register your interest in advance, please email Visit the website at:

2) Summer Dance Fest - Ballroom Dance Camp - August 18th and 19th at the Lighthouse Community Centre in Qualicum Bay. Amazing early-bird price of $50pp for 6 workshops from a variety of instructors and 2 dances - all on a 5000 square foot sprung hardwood dance floor. Early bird tickets are available until July 31st from John at This is the 6th year for this fantastic event - great value, great venue, great workshops and great fun. Info on the event is at:


Caution: Funnies are cooked up for the consumption of dancers only.  Consult your dance doctor to determine if you are dancing enough to partake in any of the morsels below. Email your dance doctor at and get yourself on a nutritious, healthy and enjoyable dance diet today.

A few wise sayings you likely haven't heard: 

A committee can make a decision that's dumber than any of its members.

Nothing is impossible for the man who doesn't have to do it himself.

Never mistake motion for action.

Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just stay there.

People who know the least are the people who argue the most.

Nothing in fine print is ever good news.

Never give a party if you'll be the most interesting person there.

After all is said and done, more is said than done.

It's easier to stay out than it is to get out.

Kindness consists of loving people more than they deserve.

If more people listened to themselves, they'd talk less.

It's especially hard to work for money you've already spent for something you didn't need.