Dancers don’t fall, we change levels. - Anon

Celebrate St Patrick's Day with a Cha Cha workshop at Swing City this Friday. Take your dancing to a whole new level.

Classes for March are listed on the lessons page. Several start this week. There are new classes and some changes to start dates!!

The U.Vic Dance Club has their Semi-Formal Spring Dance on Friday, March 24th - I have advance tickets - email me at


Dances for the next week:

Wednesday, March 15 -----------

Event: Seniors (55+) Line Dance 1-2 pm, Social dance 2-3 pm
Place: Gordon Head Rec Center, 4100 Lambrick Way.
Dance Floor: Medium, Hardwood.
Admission: FREE

Friday, March 17 ----------

Event: Swing City Ballroom Dance: 8-11pm
Workshop: Cha Cha with John at 8pm
Place: Victoria Edelweiss Club, 108 Niagara
Dance Floor: Large/Hardwood
Admission: $10

Event: Argentine Tango (8pm-1am)
Place: Café Casablanca, 2524 Bridge Street
Dance Floor: Small/Medium, wood
Admission: $10 workshop & dance plus $2 consumption charge

Saturday, March 18 ----------

Event: VBDS Ballroom Dance: 7-10pm
Place: Les Passmore Centre, 186 Hampton Road
Dance Floor: Large/Hardwood
Admission: $12/$15

Event: Lion's Club Fundraiser Dance, 8:30pm to 12:30am
Featuring Younger Than Yesterday playing 60’S, 70’s & 80’S dance music
Place: Langford Legion, 761 Station Rd in Langford.
Dance Floor: Large/Wood
Admission: $20 - See Advance Tickets Below

Event: New Imperial Social Club Dance: 8-11:30pm
Featuring: TNT (Tonie Blodgett & Tom Ackerman)
Place: Chief & Petty Officer's Mess, 1575 Lyall St
Dance Floor: Medium/ Hardwood.
Admission: $14

Event: Red Hot Swing, 8:30pm - 12:30am
Place: Bert Richman building, 4105 Lambrick Way
Dance Floor: Medium, Hardwood.
Admission: $10/$13

Event: Latin Dance, (8:30pm-1am)
Place: Café Casablanca 2524 Bridge Street
Dance Floor: Medium/Small, Hardwood.
Admission: $10 plus $2 consumption charge


Advance Tickets:

1) West Shore Lions Club Fundraiser Dance: Saturday, March 18, 2017, featuring Younger Than Yesterday playing 60’S, 70’s & 80’S dance music from 8:30pm to 12:30am at the Langford Legion, 761 Station Rd in Langford. Advance Tickets are $20 - at the Langford Legion - phone 250-478-8365 or at Long and McQuade, 756 Hillside Avenue, Victoria phone 250-384-3622.

2) U.Vic Ballroom Dance Club Year-End Ballroom Dance: Friday, March 24th at Dance Victoria, 2750 Quadra Street. Advance tickets are $10 each and available from John de Pfyffer at

3) The Island Fantasy Ball will celebrate its Silver Anniversary on May 6th and 7th at Beban Park in Nanaimo. Advance tickets for Victoria tables for this gala competition are available from John until the end of March - there are only a few left for Victoria tables so get your tickets soon. This is a full weekend competition with top dancers from around the world competing in Ballroom and Latin. Competitions are held all day and evening on Saturday and all day on Sunday. I have front row and second row tickets available for both days. Seating and ticket details are available on line at:


A little Canadian humour...

On a Tim's coffee cup: "If this was another country, we'd have to tell you that this coffee may be hot. Good thing this is Canada!"

Sign in a driveway in Revelstoke, BC in January:
"You Haul"

Whoever said, "Do the job right the first time and you'll never have to do it again" never shovelled snow off a Canadian Driveway, eh?

I may not be perfect, but I am Canadian.
And that's close enough.

If it wasn't for our erratic weather, 9 out of 10 Canadians would not know how to start a conversation.

The best reminder of why we live in Canada is watching American politics.