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First Dance DVD

Learn Your First Dance with John and Carla

I teach dance at all levels from absolute beginners to very advanced dancers. One of my specialities and a source of great personal satisfaction is to introduce those who have never danced before to their first dance.

Typical students are those preparing for their first dance at their wedding, but there are also many other people who want to get up and dance with someone they love with confidence and without embarrassment

Nightclub Waltz

My recommendation for a first dance is the Nightclub Waltz, also known as the Sway or Slow Dancing. It is one of the most romantic dances you will ever learn, and most love songs and ballads are ideal for this most versatile dance. It is commonly danced in night clubs, weddings, school dances and any social dance.

I offer classes and private lessons in the First Dance, and Carla and I have prepared a DVD designed to teach you the dance in your own home.

The First Dance DVD: Contents

  1. The Basic
  2. Hip Rock
  3. Underarm Turn
  4. Backwards Walk
  5. The Promenade
  6. Promenade Pivot
  7. The Dip
  8. Triple Underarm
  9. The Grapevine
  10. Open Out Side to Side

The First Dance DVD: Purchase

We offer the First Dance DVD for purchase on the web at a price of US$25 plus shipping (US$5 for North America, US$10 elsewhere).

Send a bank draft in US$ made out to Dance Victoria and addressed to:-

Dance Victoria First Dance DVD, 1541 North Dairy Road, Victoria, BC V8T 2T9, Canada.

Purchasers within Canada may send a bank draft for CDN$30.00 inclusive of shipping.